Omni One 20 Years Later: Then and Now

Teams aren't built overnight, and neither was Omni One.

You've heard the story: Our recruiting firm began with one man, a few phones, a fax machine, a key to a closet-sized office, a dream of growth, etc...but have you seen changes?

Our first office in Dublin, Ohio.
Approx. 700 sq. ft.

Our current office in Dublin, OH.
Approx. 2700 sq. ft.

Bradley McDaniel, Branch Manager: 1998-now

"Success is only shackled by that lack of a combination of desire, work ethic, resiliency, joy and passion coupled with the opportunity. Omni One has provided me the opportunity to develop and use these characteristics to achieve the level of success most dream of.   

20 years ago I started the Dublin team with a key to an empty office, a few telephones, a fax machine and a "good luck kid, hope you make it" from my boss. It was the entrepreneurial opportunity I was searching for. And it still is today.

I am thankful for my team, the people I get to meet in my job, and especially for my wife and family. Looking forward to continuing the journey."

Angie Keeling, Employment Consultant: 2000-now

"Working here has truly been a blast and I wouldn’t trade any of it.  I’ve met so many great people through the years and we really are a family.  I look forward to 20 more!"

Shane Kurtz, Employment Consultant: 2011-now

"Being a part of the Omni One team has been an amazing blessing as the team here has helped me to grow professionally, personally, and in so many other ways.  I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else for the last 7 ½ years.  Happy 20 year anniversary Omni One!"

Brad Beleski, Employment Consultant: 2006-now

"I’ve been here at Omni One for 12 years now and our Dublin office has practically become a 2nd family to me. My coworkers have been through a lot with me, and have supported me as I’ve raised 2 amazing children. This opportunity has provided me a path to success that I never thought I’d have in my life- and has helped me grow both professionally and personally."

Curt Hill, Employment Consultant: 2010-now

"Omni One has provided me with the opportunity to use my two greatest skill sets: listening and diligence. While this has allowed me to reach (and exceed) my goals, I’ve had to learn a lot to have that success. Luckily, I’ve been able to study from some of the best in the industry by working with a great team. Don’t get me wrong, there have been obstacles, but it’s all a part of the experience that has allowed me to become the Recruiter I am at this point."

Hal Hamilton, Employment Consultant: 2013-now

"Omni One has allowed me to align my passion to help others with my career aspirations. I truly feel that I’m most successful in this role when I can understand what a client’s or job seeker’s goals are, and I can help them better their situations. This job has given me the confidence that I can achieve individual success while having pride in what I do on a daily basis."

Bre Battisti, Marketing Coordinator: 2015-now

"I came to Omni One looking for a job, but stayed for a career. My team at Omni One has dragged me out of my shell, kicking and screaming, and encouraged me to be the person I am today. I can't wait to share the huge things we have in store as we continue to grow!"

Jake Biedel, Employment Consultant: 2015-now

"I’m incredibly thankful for the friendships I’ve developed over my nearly 4 years at Omni One. Over that time, this company has helped me grow both professionally and in many aspects of my life. The people I’ve met here have served many roles including co-workers, mentors, therapists, and most importantly, friends."

Brett Neveraski, Employment Consultant: 2018-now

"Omni One has provided me a new best friend, two ferocious ping pong opponents, and endless amounts of coffee. In all seriousness, Omni One has provided me my first real start post-college and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to leave home in South Bend, Indiana and come to Columbus, Ohio. Omni One has given me a family away from home and 10 individuals who make my day that much better."

Sean Conners, Employment Consultant: 2017-now

"Helping people is a passion of mine. Helping me change their lives (and their families) is fulfillment. Coming to work every day to be challenged by filling technical roles for my clients and picking the brain of intelligent technical professionals is enjoyable on both sides. I want to continue to grow professionally at Omni One and I look forward to the days ahead."

Caila Hendrickson, Employment Consultant: 2018-now

"Omni One means teamwork.  I feel really lucky that I get to come to work everyday with people who support, mentor, and encourage me to be the best."