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Happy Manufacturing Day!

Posted October 4, 2013 & filed under Job Search

Happy Manufacturing Day!

Tired of the manufacturing industry being misinterpreted and overlooked? There’s a holiday to fix that. October 4th is Manufacturing Day, a date when manufacturers nationwide can celebrate the industry and address the misconceptions of the general public. Over 821 manufacturers in the United States and Puerto Rico are opening up their doors and providing the average American with a transparent look into what they do and don’t do.

A Goodwill Campaign

For several decades, the manufacturing industry has been in a state of decline in the public eye. There was a major focus on the migration of manufacturing jobs to factories in China, Mexico, India, and other countries without the reciprocal level of coverage on the return of manufacturing jobs to places like Houston, Los Angeles, and even North Canton – there are more instances than can be reasonably listed on this page.

Even with this gradual resurgence, the average teenager or college age student doesn’t see manufacturing as a viable career choice. The interest and passion of America’s youth are paramount to the continued success of manufacturing. That’s why this day is the perfect way to challenge apathy and encourage the natural curiosity of young people.

Many Manufacturing Day events are geared towards youth outreach while others are geared more towards industry professionals. Those who get involved have a firsthand chance to dispel negative stereotypes by demonstrating how sleek and sophisticated technology can transform raw materials and components into something more spectacular.

Getting Involved

So how do you get involved in Manufacturing Day? This year, the deadline has passed to participate as an official host but you can always plan for next year. For those looking to see the event in action, you can find an event near you (all 48 contiguous states have at least one manufacturer registered). Keep in mind that every event has certain guidelines and time tables, so check out the details before you make the drive to an event that’s been long over.

If you don’t have the time to make it to an event, one of the best things you can do is pass along the information. Manufacturing Day feeds on word of mouth, so talk it up on social media, mention it to anyone you meet, and help feed the organic growth of our national economy.

by James Walsh