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Intel Opens Technology Up to Chip Manufacturers

Posted November 22, 2013 & filed under References

Intel Opens Technology Up to Chip Manufacturers

Computer chip manufacturers are going to have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Intel, the Silicon Valley based tech giant, has announced that it will be expanding small contract manufacturing business, allowing more manufacturers to dip their hands into its cherished technology. This expansion of their contract business will have mobile chip manufacturers scrambling to get their hands on the advanced technology that lead to the rise of personal computing decades ago.

Once upon a time

Intel, once the king of PC chip research, development, and manufacturing has struggled to keep up in the marketplace, falling behind rival companies that have already adapted to the mobile and tablet market, as reported by Reuters.

The new direction

Brian Krzanich, who has replaced retiring CEO Paul Otellini, is looking to pursue companies like Qualcomm and Samsung, who have already heavily tapped into the explosive mobile and tablet marketplace.

Intel’s stock is currently on the rise despite falling PC sales all over the world. The new direction that the company is heading is sure to keep them afloat so long as they continue to adapt their silicon products to the change in demand for chip technology. Krzanich hopes to quadruple the number of tablets using Intel chips on the market throughout the next year.

What’s in store for manufacturers?

This isn’t just good news for those invested in the tech side of Intel. Manufacturers of mobile chips are now being given a rare opportunity to partner with and develop the new line of Intel’s technology. This is likely to start a bidding war as manufacturers rush to be the first, and perhaps, only firms to sink their teeth into the new contracts being offered by the tech giant.

Reuters reports that these deals could lead into Intel eventually taking on larger customers, and speculation has led some to believe that Intel could soon undertake a large deal to create iPhone and iPad chips for Apple, who currently relies on Samsung to manufacture its chips.

Regardless of where Intel takes its patented technology, next year will surely bring large changes to the chip manufacturing industry.

By Kevin Withers

Image courtesy of Intel photos via Flickr