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The 3 Things You Should Learn While Networking

Posted November 19, 2014 & filed under Job Search

The 3 Things You Should Learn While Networking

Good networking, like good conversation, is immersive. It engages people as they share information and ask in-depth questions. And the best questions to ask are those that do more than just chip at the surface. Here are three networking question to keep in mind as you dig deeper and get to the core of what’s important to you and your new contact.

1.) What does this person enjoy about his or her work? Most of us think to ask what someone does for a living. That’s a start, but it’s only a fraction of the way to what’s really important.

A person is more than his or her profession. What’s important are the values, the passion, and the unique perspective that each person brings to personal and professional sides of their life. Find out what ignites someone’s spark and you get much closer to understanding ways to regularly connect.

2.) What’s new and exciting in this person’s job? – Finding this out is advantageous in two ways. One, it helps you to learn more about your newfound connection. That way, you can deepen your rapport from the very start.

Two, it helps you to identify any opportunities that might benefit your career or the careers of others in your network. Listen for your contact to mention new projects or internal growth. It’s not too long before his or her employer will begin to consider bringing on new hires. That’s when you need to make sure to pass along your business card and get in on the action.

3.) How can you help the other person? – This is the half of the networking equation that many people overlook. Good networking involves working in a mutually beneficial way. It’s about understanding the goals of others and helping them come to fruition. It’s that “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality that should characterize every networking opportunity.

So, if you see an opportunity to aid the career or personal growth of someone in your network, take that moment to help. You never know how and when they’ll return the favor.

by James Walsh

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