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12 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview from Start to Finish

Posted March 4, 2015 & filed under Interviewing

12 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview from Start to Finish

The specifics of most job interviews are shrouded in mystery. Beyond the specific date and time marked on your calendar, every other variable is ambiguous. You receive no agenda or official timetable, yet you’re still called upon to perform up to expectations. Preparation is essential, but it’s easy to find yourself wondering where to start?

We’ve gathered 12 of our best job interview resources, bringing you from days before your meeting to the 24 hours immediately following it. That way, you have an unofficial guide to bring you down the road to success.

1.)    Interview Research Tips that Most Job Seekers Forget – Every job interview requires research. We all know to learn what the company does, what the position requires, and who will interview you. Beyond those standards, you need to be able to speak to two unique details.

2.)     The 14 Basics of Great Interview Attire – Basic hygiene and clean clothes aren’t enough. One stray element of your outfit can suggest you’re not taking the opportunity seriously. Follow these rules and only the content of your interview will be under review.

3.)    What to Eat before Your Interview – You don’t put diesel fuel in an unleaded engine if you want it performing at its best. Similarly, your body requires the right mix of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep you alert, energized, and quick-witted.

4.)    Can a Simple Hello Ruin Your Job Interview? – First impressions last. Are the first words out of your mouth destabilizing the rest of your interview? It might even be the sound of your voice.

5.)    15 Questions to Expect during Job Interviews – No hiring manager reinvents the wheel. You’re always going to hear variations of these 15 core interview questions. Be ready with a custom response and you’ve already won half the battle.

6.)    10 Question to Ask during Your Next Interview – Job interviews aren’t meant to be a one-sided interrogation. You’re trying feel out the company too and determine if it’s a right fit for you. There’s no better way to do that than these 10 detailed questions about the company culture.

7.)    The Right Answer to “Why Do You Want this Job?” – Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer. With “why do you want this job?” you want your answer to be both honest and tailored to the employer’s desires. Here’s how you get to that point.

8.)    5 Questions You Want to Ask Interviewers (But Know You Shouldn’t) – Some questions we all are itching to ask, but no matter the intention, you need to think of how they’ll be perceived. Don’t let imprudent questions undo your hard work.

9.)    4 Ways to Talk about a Time When You Failed – Everyone becomes familiar with failure at some point in their careers. Employers know that, but they want to hear how you made the most of temporary setbacks. Prove you can with these 4 tips.

10.) Mind the Employment Gap: Explaining Time Off to Employers – Most job seekers see employment gaps as a blemish on their resumes. However, if you address the elephant in the room and show you weren’t twiddling your thumbs while unemployed, you can make it out alive.

11.) Why Your Interview Mistakes Aren’t the End of the Road – Making a mistake during a job interview is like watching a carefully constructed house of cards topple. The good news is that you won’t be automatically disqualified if you are quick on your feet and follow these tips.

12.)    How to Follow Up After a Job Interview – Whew! You made it out of your interview and your intuition says things went well. However, your evaluation isn’t over yet. Follow these tips and you’ll outshine the rest of your competition.

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