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Fostering a Positive Workplace

Posted October 12, 2017 & filed under Work, Work Environment, Work Life

Fostering a Positive Workplace

Beware: The Negative Workplace. You’ve all been there. In fact, you’re probably having flashbacks right now to your worst job, or maybe even thinking of your current position. Feelings of exhaustion, reluctance to show up, and hurtful comments are probably flooding your brain. You would give anything to be anywhere but at work.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to the daily stress you had been - or are currently - enduring! While there is no crystal-clear roadmap to immediately dissolve tension in any workplace, there are at least a variety of steps one can take to improve his/her work environment, if not for everyone, then at least for themselves.

According to Monster, 10 Signs of a Positive Workplace include:

  1. Positive Values
  2. Relaxed and Productive Atmosphere
  3. Commitment to Excellence
  4. Open and Honest Communication
  5. Cooperation, Support and Empowerment
  6. Sense of Humor
  7. Compassion, Respect and Understanding
  8. Flexibility
  9. Positive Reinforcement
  10. Emphasis on Health, Family and Environment

Negativity in the workplace is a direct result of the lack of one or more of these positive traits. It’s easy to point the finger and accuse certain individuals or events, but at the end of the day, all positive change will have to start within yourself. By acknowledging the “elephant in the room” (aka negative atmosphere) you’re already taking a step in the right direction.

According to Entrepreneur, some simple ways to perk yourself up in a negative workplace, or even just on a bad day include:

  • Smiling and saying positive things: Keep your eyes on the prize (positivity). See the good in everything, and speak it, too.
  • Building relationships with your co-workers: You don’t have to be best friends, but maintaining a high level of respect for everyone, no matter what, can only help your inner-office relationships.
  • Decorating your desk: You’re here all day, every day. Keep it comfortable, cheery, and increase that motivation!
  • Learning a new skill: Keep yourself out of the “slump” and feel accomplished. Maybe even share your newfound knowledge with someone else!
  • Rewarding yourself for a job well done: Give yourself a small gift to make you proud of yourself, increase self-esteem and cultivate a positive outlook.

Once you can achieve even just two or three of these positivity goals, you will begin to feel your mood improve. Now the only thing left to do is keep your head up and wait for others in the workplace to jump on the positivity train!

Breanna Battisti