5 Easy Resume Fixes Most Job Seekers Overlook

Your resume is the key to getting you into the interview. Unfortunately, it’s generally up against the rest of the job seeking world. If you want to increase your chances and push past the competition, adding these five things to your resume can make all the difference.


A lot of resumes never see the surface of a fresh sheet of resume paper. Since so much of the job seeking and hiring process is done online, why not use all the tools that the Internet has to offer you? Hyperlinks are an easy way to provide access to your online portfolio or website, showcasing your work in a manner fit for the 21st century.

Attractive Verbs

Not all words are created equal. This rule especially applies when it comes to your resume. Simply changing a single word in a sentence (particularly the verb) can make a huge difference. In a world where the hiring manager’s eyes only remain on the page for six seconds, you want to make every word count.

Using standard words like “responsible” make your resume seem bland and generic. Why would you want the hiring manager to know that you were merely responsible for something? Instead, replace it with something more attractive. If you needs some ideas, this list can help.


HR representatives are tasked with weeding out candidates that they deem to be either underqualified or possessing skills that are not relevant to the position. Some companies go so far as to employ software to scan incoming resumes for specified words.

Filling your resume with keywords that pertain to your skills, the company, and the position is a surefire way to guarantee that your resume isn’t immediately passed over. At the very least, you will earn a second glance from a HR recruiter. Do some research and find the words that are most commonly used to describe the job that you do.


Your resume should read more like a record of your accomplishments and less like a list of your skills. You want your skills to be out in the open, but they should be surrounded by career accomplishments that prove you are the best person for the job. Knowing a certain skill is a far cry from the ability to implement that skill so well that you produce results. The company wants to see how you can benefit them, not just what you know.


Just like words, not all results are created equal. Numbers are that deciding factor that differentiates a mediocre result from a game changing one. So, if you’ve got the stats to back up your work, use them. Why tell a hiring manager that you simply increased production at your company when in actuality you increased it by 300%?

Even the little things can make a difference. If you still find yourself struggling to write the perfect resume or just can’t seem to get your foot in the door for an interview, contact one of our recruiters today.

By Kevin Withers

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