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4 Effective Ways to Work with a Recruiter

Posted October 30, 2014 & filed under Interviewing, Job Search

4 Effective Ways to Work with a Recruiter

Few people perform their job search alone. Family, friends, and other connections help them make inroads with amazing employers. Having another person in your corner, especially when that person has the resources and know-how to entice hiring managers, is unbeatable. This is when professional recruiters come in handy. And if you’re planning to work with a recruiter, you can maximize that potential with these easy tips.

Be the authentic you

One persistent career myth is that you need to be other than yourself to convince employers and recruiters you’re hiring material. It’s a bad idea all around.

First, why should you have to hide who you are to get a job? Wouldn’t you rather work for a company that is enthusiastic about you as a whole? Certainly, you should be on your best behavior, but that doesn’t mean you should be disingenuous.

Honesty is the best policy when you work with a recruiter. Be as candid as possible about your:

  • Career history
  • Compensation history
  • Skill set
  • Desired work environment
  • Pending job offers

That way, you’re not being presented positions you don’t want or offers outside of your skill set.

Be ready to launch

A good recruiter won’t rush you into an incompatible position. However, they won’t be dragging their heels either. They’ll move fast (good positions get filled quickly) and you need to have speedy reflexes.

What does that entail here? It means staying in consistent contact. Provide several means of communication with a clear arrow pointing to your preferred method. That way, the recruiter you’re working with can notify you the second a desirable position opens up.

Speak up about your ideal employer

Many people imagine that if they work with a recruiter who doesn’t already have a contact with their dream employers, there’s no use in asking. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Recruiters want to place you in places where you’d be a fit. If you’ve done your homework and know why you’d be on the same wavelength as a given employer, a recruiter can be the passkey to get your name on the employer’s short list. He or she can bypass opaque hiring practices and get you the job you want.

Consider your recruiter’s recommendations

Sometimes, other people will see what is right before our very eyes. There might be a position or a company that is a perfect fit given your background that is just outside of your sphere of awareness. That’s why if your recruiter recommends a position outside of your original parameters, it might be worth giving a second glance.

Give careful consideration to the information your recruiter presents and ask yourself: Has your recruiter articulated (using your skills, your ideal work environment, your desired challenges, etc.) why you’d be a good fit? Does the job appear have a logical connection to your current job? If yes, give the opportunity a chance. It may be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

by James Walsh

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