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What to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

Posted February 25, 2017 & filed under Interviewing, Job Search

What to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

When is the right time to quit your job or even when to start looking for a new one?

Forbes recently published an online article about the topic of quitting your job. The article examines reasons why one should quit their job. Do you know when to quit your job? What questions do you need to ask yourself and then answer before deciding to quit your current job? Let’s explore the 3 main questions that Forbes says you need to ask yourself before you quit. We’ve added our thoughts on this very important topic as well. You know yourself best, but we are here to help!

Are the problems fixable? 

Do you think the problems at your current job are fixable? Can you work on self-improving in order to take on any issues in your current job? You need to evaluate the pros and cons of your job. Also, you must really examine the problems you have at your current job. Make a list of the problems at your current job and then talk out loud about these problems or make notes on the list to determine whether or not the problems are fixable enough to stay at your current job.

Do you value stability?

You need to ask yourself whether or not you value the stability you have in your current job. It is important to understand what matters most to you. Would you rather take on an exciting new challenge in a new role at a new company or would you rather be sure that you have a stable job for years to come? You must ask yourself key questions about whether or not new challenges matter more than stability to you. When considering a new job, you need to understand the risks of taking on a new role and giving up the stability of your previous job. Take time think about stability. Talk to your family and friends and let them help you discover whether or not stability is most important to you.

Are you moving up or just moving around? 

Do you know you will be promoted and grow on a professional level in your current role? Do you have an idea that you will continue to prosper in your job or do you need a new challenge? You MUST decide whether or not you can continue to grow in your current job or not. It is essential that you understand the impacts of staying at your current organization. If these impacts will have the best affect on you personally and professionally, then you might feel you need to stay at your job.

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