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September: Update Your Resume Month

Posted September 10, 2018 & filed under Resume

September: Update Your Resume Month

Easing into the groove of the kids going back to school or watching the color of leaves change might be all you were looking forward to this September, but Omni One was steadily preparing for the official “Update Your Resume Month”, founded by Career Directors International. September marks the beginning of Autumn, which uncoincidentally is a time of excitement and fresh starts. According to a professor of sociology at Dartmouth College, “We’re conditioned from a very early age that autumn comes with all these exciting things,” so why not get a leg up in your professional career, too, and refresh your resume?

Key things to remember when updating your resume:

When updating your resume, keep Omni One’s “Resume Checklist for Success” in mind so that you don’t miss key information that employers may be looking for.

  • Include your contact information
  • Use bulleted sentences
  • Use action words
  • Use symbols
  • Highlight your skills
  • Match what the employer needs
  • Be positive

Bonus tip: Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect the same bullet points! Be sure that your LinkedIn profile is clear and up-to-date. For additional LinkedIn tips, visit:

Once you’ve finished updating your resume, be sure that your resume is saved in a place that you will be able to easily access it - and have backups in the event of a computer crash. The last thing you want is to have to recreate your resume from scratch. To keep your resume on point year after year, set a calendar reminder to update your resume with new skills each September. When the time comes to job hunt, you will thank yourself!

For more information on updating your resume, visit Omni One’s Career Resources page at:



Breanna Battisti