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How to Get Noticed By Recruiters

Posted November 9, 2017 & filed under Job Search, Resume

How to Get Noticed By Recruiters

Whether you feel underutilized in your current position, were a recent victim of a company layoff, or are yearning for a long-term career after graduation, looking for a job can be overwhelming. In addition to your own search tactics, recruiters can be a useful resource – but how do you get them to notice you? 

It’s necessary to understand how recruiting firms find people. Most firms rely on resumes that are uploaded to career websites or resume databases, such as Indeed or Monster. While this is common practice, many recruiters are even utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. The recruiter will login and search for keywords that are given to them by their clients in order to find people who mention the keywords in their resume that would link them to that job description.

For example: A client may need someone with AutoCAD software experience. This means the recruiter would scan a resume database for the keyword “AutoCAD”. The first 10 people that pop up in that search would then be contacted, given that their resume jives with everything else request by the client.

This is where you come in! Your goal is to make sure that your resume is the one popping up in that search done by a recruiter.

Step 1: Get your resume ready. Include accurate contact information. Use keywords (aka buzzwords). Hint: If you have trouble thinking of keywords, try searching for job advertisements that fit your experience. Match your resume to the keywords. (Be sure to only include items you actually have experience with – you don’t want to be dishonest!)

Step 2: Get yourself “online”. Upload your resume to sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed. Make sure your online appearance is professional. This is the first impression recruiters will have of you before deciding to initiate an interview. Forbes does a nice job describing in depth how to participate in social career networking sites.

Step 3: Follow-up. Log on to view your resume frequently to be sure you aren’t receiving private messages through the career websites and also check your email and respond promptly to any emails from recruiters.

Step 4: Complete your job search. Once you have secured a new position or your search has ended, make sure to adjust your settings on all recruiting platforms. Delete your resume if you would like recruiters to discontinue calling or update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new employer.

The most important thing to remember while waiting to be noticed is not only to be patient, but to know you are worth it! Or as Monster refers to it, “let yourself shine”.


Best of luck in your career search, from all of us here at Omni One!

Breanna Battisti