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Job Hunting 101

Posted June 5, 2018 & filed under Interviewing, Job Search, Resume, Salary

Job Hunting 101

A brief rundown on how to reach out and grab your next career in manufacturing for those who have recently returned to the job hunting scene, or fresh graduates looking to put themselves out there!

  • Know where to start and work smarter, not harder. Indeed and Google are excellent aggregators of open positions across the web (often scraping data from sites like Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn). Make these two sites your first stop! The next step is to search online for local career fairs to attend, along with companies that you would be interested in working for, and then giving them a call to inquire about your skills and any potential openings.
  • Master the application process! Get your resume up to par with your most recent position, while keeping the page numbers in check. Have 2-3 trusted peers review the resume and suggest edits. Update your list of references with professional colleagues and peers of various levels of knowledge (your relatives do not count!). Be prepared to spend anywhere between 10-30 minutes per online application and avoid writing the words “see resume”. Follow up on your application 1-2 weeks later by phone, email, or even LinkedIn!
  • Make yourself available. Freshen up all social media accounts to reflect a professional (or at least employable) person, create or update your free LinkedIn account, and post your resume on career sites that recruiters have access to (i.e. CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed). Stay on top of emails and LinkedIn messages, as well as returning phone calls from headhunters or hiring managers. Taking too long to respond could cost you an interview.
  • Rock the interview. If a company shows interest in meeting you, stay open minded and schedule an interview. Study potential interview questions, arrive prepared to speak about your experience, and be yourself!

This guide is only a small amount of information available to you when it comes to learning how to hunt for a job. Comb through interview advice online, while keeping an eye out for conflicting information in blogs. Remember to do your research!


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